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Meet The Pictou County Cycle Staff

Clint Snell

Clint is the owner and (smooth) operator of Pictou County Cycle. He is a cycling and fitness guru, and always happy to share a little of his wise advice, or just hang out and talk bikes.

Clint is also the resident fitting specialist, and can help you get your bike fit dialed in perfectly and cure your sore, stiff back and numb wrists.

Kevin Waller

Kevin has been wrenching bikes and pushing papers at PCC since its inception. He has 15 years of experience in the bike industry and knows his way around a bicycle workshop.

He is the resident wheel builder and suspension expert, and also the fitness equipment tech. He's also been known to throw on the sneaks and pound the blacktop on occasion.

Craig Lorge

It has been said that when it comes to bike parts, if Craig Lorge hasn't heard of it, it probably doesn't exist. If you are trying to research the latest bike technology trends there is a very good chance that Craig is way ahead of you. Save yourself the effort, and come in and ask. He usually has the answers.