Pictou County Cycle Ltd.

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Winter Is Coming!

Winter is coming....it's inevitable. But don't let the cold and snow keep you from your outdoor adventures. We have snowshoes, fat bikes and winter riding gear to keep you staying fit and having fun throughout the winter months. But if you want to stay indoors, that's alright too! We have bike trainers and indoor cycles to keep you cycling inside where it's warm. Better yet, how about a new treadmill or elliptical? With financing and delivery options you can't go wrong. Stop in and see us today at our new location, 2619 Westville Road.

Garmin Cycling Computers Change The Game!

We Carry Grit and Crisp Scooters

Crisp Scooters was conceived from the idea of a premium quality scooter with looks to match. The response was overwhelming, with the production team struggling to keep up with demand, and now Crisp scooters are starting to be sold all over the world.

Grit Scooters is at the forefront of the extreme scooter riding scene in Australia and is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing scooter brands in the world. Using only the highest grades of raw materials, Grit Scooters design and manufacturing is constantly improving to ensure that Grit products stay at the forefront of extreme scootering.

Having Trouble Getting Your Bike Fit Right?

We're experts at getting you dialed-in and comfortable on your bike! Why settle for trial and error when we can set you up right with one fit session? A proper fit will optimize pedaling efficiency, increase all-round comfort, end hand, arm, neck, posterior and back pain and protect your precious knees. Contact us for details and to set up an appointment today!